Here’s the skinny:

  • Your student can sell tickets for a sweepstakes fundraiser (and music downloads from up & coming artists) that coincides with the National Football League (NFL) season. You don’t need to know anything about football to WIN.
  • The tickets are $20 a piece. For every $20 ticket sold, we receive $14! 
  • There are paper and eTickets (think email or social media or a phone call to family and friends out of town) Your student will come home with 5 paper tickets and you can request more. You can also use this link to sell them digitally:
  • The same ticket lasts all 17 weeks of the NFL season* so if you don’t win the first week of the NFL season, you have 16 more chances to win, all for a $20 ticket. There are 17 chances to win plus the grand prize!*
  • Each ticket has a 1 in 16.6 chance of winning. There are 15 winners each week from $25-$400.
  • Deadline to have ticket sales completed & turned in by Tuesday, September 7th for the most chances to win.  
  • Thursday, September 9th is the first NFL game of the season.
  • Turn in each ticket stub you sell (with the buyer’s info on it) and the fees collected to your child’s band teacher. 
  • Our goal is to make $4,000. If every band student sells 5 tickets, it would be extremely successful.
  • Return the tickets you know you won’t sell so that someone else can, otherwise you can hold on to the tickets if you think you might sell them.  They are invalid until money has been received and they are activated.

*These tickets last a typical 17 week NFL season. This year’s NFL season was released in May 2021 and it is 18 weeks-long. Our tickets were created in February 2021, thus our fundraiser will run for the first 17 week of the season. Week 18 is NOT included.

* 17 chances to win if the card is activated prior to the season starting.  Tickets can be sold after the start of the season but they are not eligible for winnings previous to their activation.

We know this fundraiser is new to many of you. Below is a link to a seller’s guide to help you and your student with the language. We also included a 2-minute video that explains the process and a PDF that explains this email in more detail.

Digital Ticket link to share: