We are excited to start the school year with an extremely effective fundraiser called
Football Mania
This fundraiser coincides with the National Football League (NFL) season, which is 18 weeks long.
Each ticket has a new chance to WIN every week. You don’t even need to know anything about football to play!

Here are the details:

♪ We’re selling raffle tickets for $20 each. For every ticket sold, we receive $14!
♪ When selling paper tickets, be sure to complete the bottom portion with purchaser’s contact information and tear it off – we will need it for our records. Then collect payment and give the purchaser the top portion of the ticket.
♪ Payment for paper tickets can be either cash or check made out to Central Music Boosters.
♪ Using this envelope, please return all completed ticket stubs, money collected, and unsold tickets back to your teacher by Tuesday, September 5th. If turned in by this date, we can ensure 18 full weeks of winning opportunity.
♪ Tickets can still be sold up until Wednesday, October 25th; however, ticketholders cannot win on weeks that have already past. They can only win from the point of sale on.
♪ You can also sell tickets online by creating your own personalize sales page at this site: https://www.charitymania.com/register/AD1BD
Follow the instructions and refer to this clip to customize it further: https://tinyurl.com/55pksy9u (relevant info begins at 45 seconds)
Share your personalized link on social media and email it to friends and family anywhere!
♪ Online ticket sales has a special where you can buy 5 tickets and get 1 FREE! Be sure to mention that in your sales pitch.
♪ NFL Week 1 begins September 7th and ends on Week 18 which is January 7th. Winners are published every Monday and will be contacted regarding their prize.
♪ Weekly winnings range from $20-400. Here’s a video on how it works: https://www.charitymania.com/videos/FM18
♪ Our goal this year is to raise $20,000, which is about 1,430 tickets. We can reach this goal if every student sells 4 tickets.
♪ Top 4 sellers will be awarded gift cards!

1st = $100
2nd = $50
3rd = $25
4th = $25

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to Elise Wipperfurth at [email protected] or text (847) 946-9271.

THANK YOU for your support of Music and Arts. We are looking forward to an amazing year together!