Central Music Boosters has a fundraiser where purchasers can WIN CASH PRIZES!

We will tell you a little about us and more about the fundraiser.

We raise money to enhance the musical experience that your child will have in school. We support middle school and high school students in the District 301 performing arts. 

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301 Central Music Boosters

We are starting off the new school year with a very simple yet effective fundraiser for music students (6th-12th grade).

Here are the details:

  • Your student can sell tickets for a sweepstakes fundraiser that coincides with the National Football League (NFL) season.  You don’t need to know anything about football to WIN.
  • The tickets are $20 a piece. For every $20 ticket sold, we receive $14! 
  • There are paper and eTickets (think email, social media or a phone call to family and friends out of town).  Your student will come home with a few paper tickets and you can request more.  You can also use this link to sell them digitally:  https://www.charitymania.com/give/AC236  For all online ticket sales, there is a special to receive 6 tickets for the price of 5 = more chances to WIN.
  • The same ticket lasts all 18 weeks of the NFL season so if you don’t win the first week, you have 17 more chances to win – all for a $20 ticket.  There are 18 chances to win plus the grand prize!
  • Each ticket has a 1 in 15.7 chance of winning. There are 18 winners each week from $25-$400.
  • Deadline to have ticket sales completed & turned in by Friday, September 2nd for the most chances to win.  Tickets can still be sold after this date, but overall chances to win reduce as the NFL season progresses.
  • Thursday, September 8th is the first NFL game of the season, and the first opportunity to WIN.
  • Turn in each ticket stub you sell (with the buyer’s info on it) and the fees collected to your child’s music teacher.  Payment can be cash or a check made out to Central Music Boosters. 
  • Our goal is to raise $10,000. If every student sells just 4 tickets, we would blow this goal out of the water!  
  • Please return the tickets you know you won’t sell so that someone else can.  They are not valid until money has been received and they are activated.
  • We will be awarding the top 2 sellers with a $100 gift card!

We know this fundraiser is new to many of you.  Below is a link to a seller’s guide to help you and your student with the language to introduce the program.  We also included a 2-minute video that explains the process, and a fact sheet with a complete overview of how things work.

Football Mania Seller’s Guide
Football Mania Video

Football Mania Fact Sheet

Digital Ticket link to share: